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Jaflong a hill station and tourist destination | narailexpress2.com

Jaflong a hill station and tourist destination | narailexpress2.com

Jaflong is a grand spot celebrated for cascades, tea plants and encompassing little slopes. Situated in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh, this is an extremely appealing bumpy zone. Jaflong is the milestone of cutoff points between two nations. You can go there driving just 60 km upper east of the Sylhet area.

Jaflong is a hill station and tourist destination in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya, overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rainforests. Its mainly a tea garden and hill.here a river also. Which is so fresh .It is known for its stone collections and is home of the Khasi tribe. Jaflong is a tourist spot in Sylhet division. It is about 60 km from Sylhet town and takes two hours drive to reach there.

You can savor the way of life of Khasi clan existing in Sylhet, Jaflong for a huge number of years. Khasi individuals has an extremely excellent convention of following a matrilineal arrangement of lineage and legacy. For me, this place of interest loaded up with mountains and rainfalls is the ideal passage for long ends of the week.

Jaflong located amidst tea gardens and hills. It is situated beside the river Sari in the lap of Hill Khashia. In early 2005, Laskar Muqsudur Rahman, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Sylhet Forest Division, observed that Jaflong that he heard in his boyhood as the 'lungs' of Greater Sylhet was at stake due to on going encroachments and establishment of unauthorized stone crushing mills. He took initiatives to recover the land and establish a recreation-cum-botanical park named as 'Jaflong Green Park;.

The land grabbers occupied government khas land and reserved forestland and extracted stone by cutting small hills polluting the environment of Jaflong. They also established crushing mills on the forestland without permission from government.

You can respect the regular greenery of while your way is driving. In the Mari stream, you can appreciate the pontoon ride too the enormous assortment of stone assortment. You can see fishes, stones all through the unmistakable gem water of the waterway. There you will discover tea, orange and jackfruit gardens.

The forestation program in Jaflong Green Park has been started under supervision of the joint forces, Jaflong Foundation and Forest Department. They have jointly taken up the forestation program with about 100 hectares of grabbed land. Under the forestation program, various types of trees, including hybrid Akash-moni, are being planted in the park to maintain ecological balance.its attractions are :

1. Collection of rolling stones.

2. Colorful tribal life.

3. Dauki and Piyain Rivers

4. Tea Garden

5. Orange and Jackfruit gardens.

6. Betel leaf and areca nut gardens

7. Dauki Bazar.

If Didn’t you go to this place you will miss the spectacle of japlong.

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