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what is wordpress cms beginner tutorial


You already understand that today, What is WordPress? What is WordPress used for? This topic will be discussed. Then let’s not know.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress in simple terms? That is to say, WordPress is currently the fastest growing content management system (CMS). In other words,

WordPress is a special website framework based on PHP and MySQL that allows you to create websites. And according to Wikipedia data, WordPress is a free and open source blogging framework and powerful CMS built in PHP and MySQL.

WordPress started as a web building tool in the 1st. In the beginning,

WordPress was primarily used for blogs. Because its main purpose was to make the blogging experience easier and more pleasant. The use of WordPress would not be so noticeable.

Yet over time, its developers continue to expand its functionality to create more complex and dynamic websites. As a result, it became known as a content management system rather than a blogging tool.

It is currently the most used CMS in the world, making up 25% of websites worldwide. About 1.2 million users have created more than 1 million websites using WordPress CMS.

WordPress can be customized very easily using different plugins and themes. Being open source, you can download its source code and modify and develop the code.

Currently 2,2+ WordPress themes and 5+ plugins are available for free. Search engines can easily understand the code used in WordPress, so it is SEO friendly. That is why it is possible for WordPress CMS websites to rank much faster than other platforms.

Use of WordPress:
There are 2 types of WordPress. One is wordpress.com and the other is wordpress.org

wordpress.com is a web 2.0 web site. A control panel and subdomain are provided here. Anyone can open the web site here.

But being a free site, there is little customization and no plugins can be installed. Basically it is used for blogging. Example site: www.example.wordpress.com

We basically understand wordpress.org as wordpress. The script for WordPress CMS can be downloaded for free from this site.

Creating a website with WordPress script will require domain and hosting. Hosting is a cPanel that you can install WordPress with a script downloaded from wordpress.org.

Or with cPanel Softaculous you can easily install WordPress without any hassle. Here you will find all the benefits of WordPress.

You can use any theme and plugin you want. There are huge themes and plugins for WordPress. Some of them are available for free and some need to be purchased later.

Detailed post and video will be provided later on installing and customizing WordPress.

Many of the world’s most popular web sites have been created with WordPress.

Websites such as the New York Times, CNN, Reuters, Forbes, Mashable, Sony Music, MTV News, Microsoft News Center, Facebook Newsroom, etc. are made up of WordPress. Freelancing marketplaces target the well-known needs of WordPress developers, and this demand is growing day by day.

Anyone who wants to learn WordPress development can make good money by working in these marketplaces. Not only in the freelancing marketplaces,

but also in the local market, there is a huge demand for WordPress developers. For that you have to acquire skills.

Hopefully we understand from the above article.

SubDomain Add

To create a subdomain, you must first login to the cPanel of the web server.
After logging in to cPanel you can see the Domain section at the bottom. Click on the Subdomains option from the Domain section.

In the Subdomain option, you can enter the name of the subdomain you want to take. Here we are giving the name demo.

Then, if multiple domains are added to your server, select the domain that you want to subdomain from the dropdown menu of the Domain option. Then click on the Create option.

After clicking on the new page to show your subdomain has been successfully created.

Now copy the link and check if your subdomain works correctly. If an Index of / Blank page like this shows up, then your subdomain will be working properly.


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