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How To Income With Twitter And How To Do Business With Twitter A Fresh Update

How To Income With Twitter And How To Do Business With Twitter A Fresh Update

How To Income With Twitter And How To Do Business With Twitter A Fresh Update

Income With Today This Simta is still in the discussion about how you can earn from two without worrying about the administration.

How are you good friends are good to see what I am sharing in front of you today, so how can it be better than the two?

Twitter has 5 million users as a social media network launched on 27th. There are many users who use Twitter as their business network. Many have succeeded and have been using Twitter accounts to keep track of consumers, give massages, product promotions.

(Those who use Twitter for personal use are also using Twitter accounts in different ways, including their careers, personal services. If you are a talented Twitter user, you can easily earn from Twitter with your account.)

The first thing you need to earn from Twitter is open an account on Twitter. If you have a strong following network, you can make your account a way to make money. However, your account will need to be set up first.

Enter Twitter Bio Your Twitter Bio will help you find your Twitter search. Also a beautiful biography will make you attractive to others. And with that your follower will grow. So, write a bio about yourself that is very nice in 4 letters.

If you have a website or business, add keywords using hashtags. And of course, make sure the hashtag is clickable. That is, you can enter the keyword you just clicked. Keep in mind that my bio is attractive. Remember that 1 letter should tell a story about you that will encourage anyone to follow you.

Use profile image Use an image of a nice and polite bunch for your personal profile. Make sure your image is personalized, meaning that anyone looking at your picture has a very good idea about you. And if this is your business account, then definitely use your company logo.

Use header image Like Facebook, the header image can be used in addition to the profile image. So, do not miss this opportunity. Use a header image as beautiful as the magazine cover. Occasionally change the image. And in the business field, name the images in a way that promotes your brand.

There are many other things you can do to make your account professional. So that you have a large follower base. And if your follower base is small but they are always associated with your post, then your chances of success will increase. Let’s not know how to earn from Twitter.

A very popular ad service in the Twitter world that allows you to display ads with every post on your Twitter account and set the price for each click on ads. You can even decide what kind of ad you want to display.

In order to have a business agreement with Sponsored Tweets, you must have at least 1 follower and 1 tweet or post on your profile. For anyone who gets 1 follower in 5 days, it can take 5/3 days for you to post 5.

So guys today, everyone will be fine until today, of course, the next one will be in front of you.


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